Cannabium Technology
Defining Quality Cannabis

Cannabium is an innovative payment mechanism for the cannabis industry, developing a frictionless point of sale for cash demanding retailers, producers and cultivators.


Want Cannabis?
Choose Cannabium

Cannabium Shops™ offer high-quality CBD products and provides perks with each purchase made using Cannabium tokens. Each one of our shops is thoroughly checked and given our rubber stamp of approval through Cannabium Certification, from seed to sale you can be sure you’ll only receive the highest quality product when using Cannabium.


The Best Way to Buy Cannabis Products

Great Products

Cannabium Shops™ are certified to ensure buyers receive the highest quality, sustainably produced cannabis extracts.

Great Prices

Users enjoy free shipping and an additional 10% discount when buying cannabis products with Cannabium tokens at Cannabium Shops™.

Great Means of Payment

Cannabium ERC 20 Tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain and designed to be the preferred means of payment for all online cannabis transactions.

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Why Become a Cannabium User?

Quality Control

Cannabium Certification aims to be the industry standard. By implementing strenuous quality and compliance checks on all Cannabium shops, assuring product consistency, accurate lab testing, and legitimacy.

Exclusive Discounts

Retailers who choose to use Cannabium will benefit from low transaction fees, increased customer volume, and reduced marketing costs, allowing retailers to push even more savings onto their customers. Everyone wins!

Blockchain Technology

Technology doesn't have to be scary. Cannabium aim to develop a fully supported and user friendly platform, purchasing Cannabis products will be easier, faster and more secure than ever before.


While enabling direct buyer-to-seller transactions, the blockchain keeps an anonymous, but still traceable record leading to greater pricing transparency.

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