Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.


Our Co-Founder, Ezra Epstein, answering questions after his speech on Canna-Tech conference in Israel.

CannaTech is an international event experience that unites cannabis professionals with breakout industry leaders for an unparalleled opportunity to learn, connect and define what's next for the global cannabis industry.


What does the token represent and how can I use it?

The token is a direct representation of the value of Cannabis extracts, in particular, CBD. A wide variety of extracts and other products will also be available from Cannabium Shops, all purchasable with Cannabium tokens.

Are the tokens legal in my country even if cannabis is not?

In general it is legal to buy and hold the tokens even if it is not legal to purchase cannabis in your country. Some countries do, however, have restrictions on trading in crypto currencies and tokens and you are responsible to abide by those laws if they are applicable to you.

Where can I read the whitepaper?

Please see the whitepaper page of this site for details.

Who is behind this project?

Cannabium's core team and advisors include entrepreneurs, businessmen, and farmers who have proven themselves successful in their respective fields. You can read more about us on the Meet the Team page.

Will there be "airdrops" of tokens.

We are evaluating the use of airdrops and similar incentives as part of our product roll-out and will announce them here and on our social media channels.

Do you plan to "burn" tokens during the project?

After launching on an exchange, the listing company will act as a market maker for some period of time to ensure liquidity and price stability for the tokens. As part of those duties, the listing company has the option to burn tokens.

Does Cannabium sell CBD?

Cannabium is not an ecommerce site and does not directly sell CBD or other cannabis extracts.

The best way to purchase CBD and related products is to use Cannabium tokens and visit one of the Cannabium Shops™ where you will find certified, quality products for sale. 

What if I live in a country where CBD is not a legal import?

All Cannabium Shops™ are required to abide by the laws where they do business.  In general this includes not shipping to countries that prohibit such activity.