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What exactly is CBD Oil and how to check you’re not being scammed

Jan 28, 2020

You may have heard about the phenomenon that is CBD, the proclaimed wonder drug that’s taking the world by storm, but wait.. isn’t it just Cannabis? Well it turns out, just like many other flowers and fruits we hail for their beneficial and often life-saving properties, Cannabis is no different, in fact, health professionals and scientists all over the world are racing to discover the next new Cannabis compound, with over 100 discovered so far and hundreds more yet to be found, it’s no wonder everyone is asking how or if the drug can help them.

So let’s start with the most readily available, CBD; a reddish oil first isolated in the early 40s, it was quickly discovered that CBD (Or Cannabidiol as it was named) didn’t hold the same colourful psychotropic high as it’s little brother THC, the thing is when I say little brother I mean it, as it turns out CBD is so antipsychotic that it actually counteracts the effects usually felt from THC, which is why some of you may have stumbled across CBD flower/Bud, a raw form of cannabis that doesn’t induce a high, but more on that at a later date, for now, let’s take a better look at dosages and percentages.

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What’s in the bottle?

The CBD industry is overwhelming, to say the least... well to me it is at least, the choice is endless and yet each one claims to be unique and their individual benefits vary, oh and of course the huge lack of regulation. So what exactly can we expect to find in our bottles of CBD? Well, hopefully, cannabis for a start, specifically Sativa L, other than that you shouldn’t expect much more in your bottle, some companies do use Omega 3 acids and other wellness support oils but generally should only make up trace amounts in your CBD. As for the amount of CBD, this is where things get tricky or obscured should I say.

Where does it come from?

Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, with over 1400 strains, each one unique in their properties and characteristics, although the vast majority of these strains are catered towards high levels of THC, despite that the past 5 years has seen a boom in CBD rich, low THC cannabis strains, often referred to as hemp (a fancy word for cannabis). Meaning cultivators now have access to a number of viable crops capable of producing high-quality CBD flowers,