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The currency for online cannabis transactions.


Buy directly from a certified Cannabium Shop™.


Keep the value of CBD in your wallet. 



Where blockchain technology and cannabis meet.

Cannabium allows you to conveniently buy cannabis products online.  New to cryptoDiscover how to get a wallet and load it with Cannabium.

If already have an Ethereum wallet, Cannabium is an ERC20 token and you're ready to go. Cannabium is not yet exchange listed, for now you should buy your Cannabium here

Once you have Cannabium in your wallet, you have unlocked access to discounts and perks and all Cannabium Shops™,  Look at a sample of the products currently available

Each Cannabium is correlated with 1mg of CBD, so holding Cannabium is a way you can participate in the explosive growth of this extract that is making its way into healthcare, food, and beauty products worldwide.

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