Get Certified

Great Products, Great Prices, Great Means of Payment.




Certified Cannabium Shops™ must meet quality thresholds for the products they sell, particularly those that may be purchased with Cannabium tokens.

Requirements include purity as well as amount of active ingredient, both verified by independent, third-party laboratory analysis.

In addition, we impose high standards in cultivation and processing while encouraging fair-trade practices.


Cannabium Shops™ offer discounts to purchasers who use Cannabium tokens.  These function as part of a "virtuous cycle" that elevates that value of the tokens, stabilizing the CBD market and the redemption value when you return the tokens to the exchange.

By partnering with you via our marketing network, we offset most of that discount via our affiliate reimbursement program for Cannabium transactions.


We look to Cannabium Shops™ to incentivize Cannabium users by offer perks, including free shipping, exclusive products and discounts. 

A loyalty program is in the works and will be rolled out to all Cannabium Shops™.  The benefits include greater customer traction, repeat business, and overall customer engagement.