The Cannabium Team

Alon Geva


Alon has worked closely with thousands of people over two decades, aiming to help each and every one of them to make their lives better. He has been supporting people through healing processes and inspiring them to make a difference in their lives using alternative medicinal methods.
Through the years, Alon has been investing in people and projects that have the potential to make a real difference in the world, for the benefit of humanity.

Ezra Epstein


Ezra is a Co-Founder of Tokenopoly Financial Technology Inc. and was previously VP of Engineering at DataVolo, Inc., a Seattle big data analytics consultancy. A former Senior Software Engineer at Amazon, Ezra has held roles that include Senior Software Architect and Principal Software Engineer. Having discovered a knack for software development after gaining a graduate degree in mathematics from UC Berkeley, Ezra’s career has progressed organically over two decades, working up from an individual contributor to a technical team lead, and then to a senior architect and manager overseeing teams of other architects and developers.

Mark Canavan


Mark Canavan is an accredited businessman coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Mark has been involved in many ventures from catering to retail. He is the founder of HaloMunchies, a charity based vending machine company. This operates successfully with a nation-wide distribution network while continuously donating to charity. 

Mark has a keen interest in health and wellbeing and through his positive personal experience with CBD and keen interest in herbal remedies decided to embark on this project.

Paul Walsh


From the heart of Ireland, Paul brings his warm and energetic personality to the GreenHeart team as the Original Dreamer and Co-Founder of his extensive community volunteerism and his wide network of leaders in the crypto and Sustainable industries make him well suited to the Growing issues in today's world.
An important advocate in the fields of sustainable and organic foods, Paul is currently CEO of GreenHeart Sustainable food system's giving Irish farmers the latest technology. He’s also Adviser on multiple Blockchain projects that's to help educate newcomers and successfully navigate the crypto space with helpful education into projects and the technology.
Previously, Paul served as Non-Executive Director for Act Foundation, a decentralized funding platform for activism, and was instrumental in getting their ICO off and running. So he is excited and ready to take on the challenge of his own Dream and venture 

Tamar Yannay

Media & Marketing

A professional photographer and media content creator.

She started her way as a military photographer and videographer, one of a few women photojournalists in the Israeli Defense Forces, covering touching stories in the periphery of the battlefield.
Later on, she interned with first-row photojournalists in Israel with whom she developed her own eye and focus. 
Since then, she has been creating social media and marketing content for businesses globally. 

Tamar joined the Cannabium team from its inception as a project manager and media content creator. She is passionately connected to the project and hopes to assist making cannabis products accessible for people worldwide. 

Kieran Hancock

Community Manager

Kieran joins us having proven experience in facilitating start-ups using a pragmatic approach to developing original content and engaging with high friction communities, developing solutions and delivering results every time.

With a strong and lengthy background in the Cannabis and Blockchain industries, Kieran finds himself at home with a passionate and analytical drive to developing and engaging with the Cannabium community, just as he has done with hundreds of others during his work with UK Cannabis Social Clubs over the last 11 years.

Megan Bloom


Megan is a health and wellness advocate, and cancer survivor, who knows first hand the medicinal benefits of CBD products.  She has enjoyed a long career in hospitality and customer service and has worked in the cannabis space with producers, processors, and retailers.  She brings insight from working with medical patients and recreational customers alike.  Her goal is to continue to educate people on the use of CBD.


We are passionate about the healing potential of cannabis and the promise of blockchain.  The dis-intermediation and decentralized nature of distributed ledger technology is a natural fit for "gray markets" and is helping support those on the forefront of the wave of legalization sweeping the globe.

We are proud to have a role in supporting this transformation and see it as a harbinger of both greater freedom personal freedom and direct-to-consumer transactions. 

Envisioned as a means of pricing as well as a proxy for the "spot price" of cannabis extracts, Cannabium is evolving thanks to the team behind it and while functioning as a means of payment for online cannabis transactions, is now positioned to be recognized for what it represents: quality products at great prices.

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