Cannabium are tackling Climate Change with Cannabis

Cannabium is fixated on the Green Revolution and determined to make a real change in the fight against climate change by developing the first truly zero-waste marketplace, the marketplace that plants hemp.

Why hemp? Well, other than the fact Cannabium loves Cannabis, it might have something to do with the unrivalled carbon-absorbing properties of hemp, or maybe that it’s a fantastic source for plastic, construction materials, even oil. Perhaps it’s something to do with bees loving them? And let’s not even get started on the fruits they produce… In fact, hemp is so clean it actually creates negative waste! Here are a few facts for you:

- 1 acre of hemp absorbs more carbon in a year than an acre of Oak will absorb in 100 years

- For every ton of hemp produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air

- Hemp absorbs radiation from soil and improves the land quality

- Hempcrete and Polymers are stronger and longer lasting than their harsher counterparts

- Hemp seeds produce the best quality and returns on Bio-Diesel

- Hemp fibres for clothing and other materials

- Glass can be made from hemp

- Bees really do love them!

- Can be grown anywhere, seed to harvest in 4 months

- Hemp really could save the world

Hemp really is the most versatile resource known to man (we even use to be able to pay our taxes in hemp) capable of making a real change to our environment, reducing pollution and reversing the effects of greenhouse gases. So, to make this dream a reality Cannabium pledge to plant hemp every time someone makes an order on the marketplace or in one of our Cannabium Shops™.

We also pledge to promote eco-friendly packaging within the Cannabium platform. I

t’s our little way of giving back to the world, and everyone should be involved.

Think Climate, Love Cannabium.


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