Cannabium — Part 1: Introducing Cannabium and Investing in 21st Century Solutions

21st Century Solutions for 21st Century Problems

Cannabium is back to bridge the gap, to solve a major industry problem plaguing retailers and consumers alike, a market set to be worth over $24 Billion in 2020, and yet despite the enormous amount of money present in the industry, the vast majority of transactions are cash based, the market I’m obviously referring to is Cannabis.

As the recent wave of cannabis legalisation has raced ahead, financial and other services have lagged behind. This has created a challenge for many legal cannabis shops and opportunities including those in the financial technology space. Even in countries that have fully legalized both medical and recreational cannabis, as well as in countries that have legalized only medical uses, there is little to no ability to access regular banking services, including payment processing.

We call these markets — ones that are perfectly legal, but underserved by standard institutions — “grey markets.” In addition, some of these markets carry a legacy of stigma. We see providing service in those markets as an opportunity to develop not only a practical solution to existing technological and financial challenges, but as an opportunity to develop a brand that can have traction across changes in banking practices.

Cannabium represents a step forward in the evolution of blockchain technologies, enabling decentralized trade in an emergent industry while providing a convenient means of exchange for that industry’s leading product.

“Each Cannabium token is correlated with 1 mg of CBD”

All Cannabium Shops™ are intended to be dynamic marketplaces for cannabis extracts like CBD, a non psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant widely used in medical marijuana formulations. Cannabium allows a new kind of marketplace which uses tokens that are redeemable based on their direct correlation with cannabis extracts. Cannabium Shops™ must pass certification relating to the agricultural practices of their producers and licensure of their entire supply chain.

Each Cannabium token is correlated with 1 mg of CBD. Correlating the token with an asset allows a form of liquidity for token holders as well as driving demand for the token. The market for CBD is growing significantly, with some forecasts estimate it will be a $50-$66 Billion global market by 2025. Cannabium is intended to be usable by a wide variety of marketplaces and commercial endeavors in the cannabis sector. By using the blockchain, Cannabium tokens bridge the multitude of operators, creating a unified, but still decentralized ecosystem for cannabis extract producers and buyers.

Cannabium Cultivating A Decentralised Cannabis Future


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